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Changing The Design is a passionately-aggressive band and and recorded musical work of Alan D Griffith.


Alan is a very passionate multi-instrumental musician, singer, songwriter, producer and engineer (mostly in the hard-rock genre).

"I find that almost everything in life generates a specific energetic-nuance, which creates an emotional charge and keeps me in a perpetual state of creation. “Changing The Design” is the perfect vehicle for focusing on my collective writing and music (Studio/Live) and allows me to share my experiences with you! We are never truly who we were yesterday, and not quite who we will be tomorrow. Always evolving, we ARE Changing The Design..."
-Alan G

Alan grew up in a small town in Eastern Nevada called "Ely". After high school and working briefly at a gold mine to save money for music school, he  moved to Hollywood to attend the Musician's Institute for percussion. While in LA he played drums with several bands and found a mentor to develop his writing, arranging, engineering and production skills.


Afterward, he moved to Reno, NV and began to hone his sound and ultimately became a recording engineer, editor and producer at Imirage Sound Lab. There, a multi-year process of crafting of his project "Changing the Design" began. He has spent years building the CTD songs, sound, album, live show, promotions and identity.  Alan is the multi-instrumentalist behind CTD.

"I am a very emotional person and this is what drives me. My writing is sparked by an overwhelming feeling or emotion that I can't quite explain or relieve, I will then sit and focus... With guitar in hand I start playing to find which vibrations feel like the right connection to my emotion. When that powerful connection happens, the rest of the instruments fall into place in my brain. Once the music side has been meticulously written, I take time to reflect.  I then write lyrics about the emotion I felt when I was writing the music. That's my writing process."           -Alan


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